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Preventing Concrete Cracks

Concrete is a reliable material, but even the best concrete can develop cracks over time. In this post, we’ll discuss how to prevent and manage those cracks. Here are ideas from a well-versed concrete contractor for dealing with concrete cracks:

Understand the Material

Concrete is not a single substance but a mix of elements. Cement, water, and aggregates combine to form this ubiquitous material. Getting the mix right can determine the concrete’s quality. Inadequate water or inferior cement can contribute to premature cracking. Invest in good-quality materials from the start.

Weather Considerations

Temperature changes affect concrete significantly. Rapid cooling and heating can induce stress. Hence, timing your concrete work is crucial. Avoid laying concrete in extreme temperatures. Also, utilize curing blankets or insulating materials if necessary.

Proper Drainage

Water accumulation can weaken concrete. Effective drainage systems play a crucial role in preserving its integrity. A slight incline can facilitate water run-off. Puddles can exacerbate the risk of cracks, so make sure your surface is even.

Joint Placement

Joints in concrete serve to control the cracking. Where these joints are placed can influence the concrete’s overall health. Typically, they should be spaced 24 to 30 times the slab thickness. Good joint placement can work wonders in reducing the appearance of cracks.


Adding wire mesh or fibers to the concrete mix improves its tensile strength. Reinforcements can distribute stress more evenly, making cracks less likely. They can be a preventive measure worth investing in. Additionally, synthetic fibers can also help combat shrinkage-induced cracks.

Regular Maintenance

Sealants and fillers can keep small cracks from becoming big problems. Regular inspection and timely intervention can extend the concrete’s lifespan. The use of quality sealants can protect against water ingress. Additionally, acrylic resins can offer a protective layer against wear and tear.

To wrap up, prevention is always better than cure. A little extra attention during the initial phases can save you time and money down the line. The correct materials, weather considerations, drainage, joint placement, reinforcements, and regular maintenance can work in tandem to minimize concrete cracks. And if there are already cracks on your concrete, you can easily call O&G Concrete for quick repairs. We’re a preferred concrete contractor in Justin, TX for our prompt response and quality services. Dial (817) 616-8479 for inquiries!

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